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Open space new media documentary : a toolkit for theory and practice / Patricia R. Zimmerman and Helen De Michiel
1 vol. (XXVI-119 p.) : ill. ; 24 cm
Texte en anglais
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This book examines twelve projects produced between 2000 and 2017 : Aboundaddara (Syria), Babylon '13 (Ukraine), EngageMedia (Indonesia, Australia), Ghana Thinktank (Transnational), Lunch love community, (US, Mapping MEmories (Canada), The Memory project (China), The Quipu project (Peru, UK), The Poetics fragility (Argentina, India, US), Precious places (US), The Shore line (Transnational) and The Triangle fire open archive (US).
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Classification Dewey
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Open Space New Media Documentary examines an emerging and significant area of documentary practice in the twenty-first century: community-based new media documentary projects that move across platforms and utilize participatory modalities. The book offers an innovative theorization of these collaborative and collective new media practices, which the authors term "open space," gesturing towards a more contextual critical nexus of technology, form, histories, community, convenings, collaborations, and mobilities. It looks at a variety of low cost, sustainable and scalable documentary projects from across the globe, where new technologies meet places and people in Argentina, Canada, India, Indonesia, Peru, South Africa, Ukraine, and the USA. (source : éditeur)
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1. Why Open Space? 2. Small Spaces 3. Designing Encounters 4. Polyphonic Collaborations 5. Inviting Spaces 6. Working Principles.